The International Development Network (Idnetwork ) is chaired by  

Tae-Ho YOO.


As South Korean, YOO studied Political Science at Korea University (1953-1957), Economic Development at London School of Economics (1961-62), granted  Ph.D in Political and Social Sciences of Louvain University(1962)  and the degree of 3eme Cycle in Development of Paris University(1967).


Assumed the work of : Associated Professor of Economics, Sherbrooke University, Canda ( 1967-1973); Lecturer of Economics at Ottawa University ( 1974- 1976) ; Chief of Research of Urban Affairs Ministry, Federal Government of Canada( 1974-1976); Senior Economist of Finance Ministry of Federal Government of Canada ( 1977-1979);


Senior Program Specialist, Director ai of the Division of Development Studies of UNESCO(1979- 1991), Apointed Director of Division for Developemnt  (1992) and UNESCO Regional Adviser of Social Sciences for Asia and the Pacific, in charge of 40 countries for social science and developemnt ( 1993-1997).


Retired from UNESCO and created the International Development Network as NGO( 2001);   Since then, as a full member of French Association for United Nations,YOO have promoted UN Millenium Development Goals and UNESCO cultural heritage projects(2001-2015).


 In 2016, the  COP 21 was  foreseen in Paris, France. Idnetwork was invited to participate in preparatory activities.  The research team of idnetwork   reviewed the  the work of  experts for new Sustainable Development Goals  and prepared  a position paper.






Published five major works on international relations and development, 30 major working documents on international development for the Federal Government of Canada and  UNESCO during 21 years.


THE KOREAN WAR and  THE UNITED NATIONS, A legal and Diplomatic Historical Study, Louvain University, 1965, 216 Pages.



1966, 133 pages, with  compulsary internship report on les Méthodes de Statistiques industrielles et de la Comptabilité nationale at Belgian national statistic Institute ( Brusseles), 1964, 67 pages.


LA STRUCTURE ECONOMIQUE DES CANTONS DE L'EST/ Analyse interindustrielle,University of Sherbrooke,1972,176 pages.        


DEVELOPPEMENT COREEN/ Vingt- cinq ans de travail acharné, UNESCO and  Korean national commission for UNESCO, 1993, 94 pages.


CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT IN A TRANSFORMING WORD, Co-editied with others, UNESCO and the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, 1994, 299 pages.


DEVELOPMENT IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA,  Twenty-Five Years of Hard Work, UNESCO, 1995,  89 pages.


Contribution of UNESCO to Peace Building, Idnetwork, 2004,  26 pages.


8th UN SECRETARY- GENERAL/ Process of Selection, Keimyung University, 2009, 243 pages.  This publication is a major contribution of Dr. tae-Ho Yoo for establishing the procedure of the United Nations to elect the Secretary-General, in 2006.  This procedure should remain for the furture.


 About 30 working papers was prepared in the area of economic development for, the Quebec Government , the Federal Government of Canada and UNESCO.


For the Quebec's Government,

 Report for the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on the integrating industrial development strategies of Quebec, by using intput-output linkage model, 1969 and the simulation of the Quebec's Economy,1970;

for the Ministry of Agriculture of Quebec, Report on the integration of agriculture into the industrial dynamics of Quebec, 1971.


For the Federal Government of Canada,

 Report on the labour market in Canadian cities,1973;

Report on the population impact on housing demand, tranportation and environment in Canadian metropolitan areas, 1975.



-Working paper on integrating education, science and culture in development process, 1980; 

-Position paper on the elaboration of the Indicators of ethnic and cultural minorites  for international Symposium on the indicators of ethnic and cultural  Minorities, Ottawa, 1981;

-Working  document on  Elaboration and Application of social and economic Indicators in Development Planning, 1982, for International Expert Meeting, Seoul 1982;

- Position paper on the use of cultural Indicators in integrating culture in national development Planning, 1990;

-Working document on the use of Human Resources Development Indicators, in the development strategies, 1992;

-Working paper on the management of social Transformation, for the Bi-Annual Conference of Asian Social Sciences Research Councils, New Delhi, 1994.


For International Development Network ( idnetwork)


Different approaches  of  ICT Development:  Korea, UNESCO, NASAC,

25 February 2015.


The feasible study of  UN System GEF, 2015.



Speaking Korean,English and French; reading German, Chinese and Japanese.

International Development network ( idnetwork)

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