The Regime of North Korea attempts to invade again South Korea by all means.

 Published , 1 June 2009 ( E-2)


North Korea fired short-range missiles. It constitued the menace to the peace in South Korea and Japan, even the islands of USA in Pacific.

It should be remembered how the Korean War occurred and ended.

In 1947 the United Nations dispatched a Temporary Commission to Korea for organising in 1948 the general elections to constitute a Government throughout Korean peninsula. However, the Soviet Union occupying North Korea started to form a strong army of North Korea to unify the country by force and boycotted the mission of UN Temporary Commission.


In May 1948, under the supervision of the UN Temporary Commission, the general elections were organised in order only in South Korea. The first Republic of Korea was proclaimed and recognised by UN General Assembly in December 1948.

Immediately, the Government of South Korea drew attention to US Government on the necessity to train the army of South Korea in order to face the eventual military aggression of North Korean Army. Unfortunately, US Government did not believe the real intention of Soviet Union to annex South Korea by force in its communist bloc. However, on the occasion of his 70th anniversary, in December 1949, Joseph Stalin, invited MaoTche-Doung and Kim Il-Sung to Moscow and imposed the plan of attack by North Korean Army against South Korea on June 1950.

As foreseen by the military experts of South Korea, on 25 June 1950, the armed forces of North Korean regime launched an attack by surprise beyond the 38th parallel, which was established by USSR and USA.


It took only 3 days for North Korean Army to occupy the capital of South Korea. It was not difficult to expect such catastrophe, as the superiority in arms and in man of North Korean Army to South Korean Army was absolutely evident. It proved also that the American Intelligence failed to evaluate correctly the North Korean strength.


On 27 June 1950, the Security Council of the United Nations condemned the aggression of North Korea and appealed to free nations to come to rescue South Korea, under Article 41 and 42 of the UN Charter. While 6 Soviet bloc's countries opposed to the resolution of Security Council, 53 Member countries replied all to the appeal of Secretary-General Trygve Lie to bring military and civil assistance to South Korea under the UN unified command of General Douglas MacArthur. South Korea and 17 free countries formed the ground, air and naval forces and 5 countries sent medical staff and hospital ships. It is worthy to mention these countries. The combatant foreign countries were USA, UK, France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Colombia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand's, the Netherlands and China (Formosa). The medical assistance countries were Danmark, Italy, India, Sweeden and Norway.


By September 1950, the magic strategy of General MacArthur consisting of establishing breaking line from Inchon port worked out. The UN Forces succeeded in throwing out the troop of North Korea beyond of 38 Parallel. However, the Korean War lasted until 7 July 1953. Staline and Kim Il-Sung were entirely responsible of provoking this war which resulted in heavy casualties: death and wounded of 474 000 combatants in UN side and 886 000 in North Korean and Chinese side and 2 million dead of civilians in both sides of Korea. Although the Armistice was signed on 27 July 1953, on 38th Parallel and many people suffered, the meaning of this war was that the United Nations did not allow any country to invade another country.


Fifty six years after its invasion of South Korea, the Regime of North Korea attempts to invade again South Korea by all means.

In spite of this historical lesson and unanimous warning and condemnation of the world community against its nuclear test and missile demonstration, the regime of Kim Jung-Il declared the war against South Korea on 27 May 2009.


During last ten years, under the sunshine policy of Kim Dae-Jung, the regime of North Korea abused the generosity of South Korean people. They paid already more than $ 15 Billion and are still paying the considerable amount of money and sending rice and oil to North Korea for North Korean people. In stead of developing agricultural economy in order to feed hungered poor people, the regime of North Korea mobilised all the financial resources including the South Korean money in producing the arms of massive destruction. We remember the scandal of cigarette business and hedge fund business in Macao, which the regime of North Korea undertook several years back.


It should be remembered that in 1990, the regime invited Professor Kim Sang-Hyup, Prime Minister of South Korea to Pyongyang to sign the act for the denuclearization of Korean peninsula in condition that South Korea did not oppose the entry of North Korea in the United Nations. Thus, both Korea were admitted to the United Nations in 1991. The promise of North Korea for the denuclearization of Korea was a simple ruse to enter the UN organisation. It withdrew later unilaterally from Korea Armistice Agreement and NPT.


The Six Party Talk (USA, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and North Korea) on the nuclear issue of North Korea was considered as logic and coherent instrument for providing development and security by Big three and reducing tension in this area. Before taking office of the United Nations, actual UN Secretary-General invested a lot in this forum as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of South Korea. In October 2005, the regime of North Korea declared to world it would give up definitively the nuclear project. But suddenly, the North regime made a volte-face and tested a missile test over Japan in 2006 and recently undertook underground nuclear test.

This up side - down, cold and warm mad behaviour became a real danger for the world. The historical lesson for the cause of big war showed that the big wars started from a simple local conflicts and took escalating process to world conflict. Therefore, the world community should not overlook this intolerable behaviour of Kim Jong-Il.


The regime of North Korea considers that the United Nations is a good stage where he can play its propaganda drama for surviving. During last ten years, US Government could not do anything except looking at the show of this North Korean drama, as the Korean Administration did a lot of concession to the regime of North Korea.

South Korea tried to bring out North Korea of international isolation and create a joint economic space.
In 2004, the tourist project was developed by Hyundai. The people of South Korea could travel into Diamond Mountain in North East costal area by cruise. The tourist facilities were built by Hyundai and almost 1000 North Korean workers were employed.
In 2005 the industrial park was also built by South Korean firms in Keasong , located 10 kilometres from Demilitarized Zone. Already 31000 North Korean workers ware employed in 2008 by 72 South Korean firms. The Bank of Korea projected that by 2012, 725 000 North Korean workers will earn $ 500 million and by 2017 the corporate tax will amount to $ 1.78 billion. However, recently the authority of North Korea could not ensure the security of South Korean personnel. Several people were evacuated from Kaesong. Facing the threat of North Korea, it is not sure that this project can endure.


Thus, both governments lost a lot of time. Meantime, the regime of North Korea made several nuclear bombs and many short range missiles which can reach easily South Korea and Japan.


By its mad missile card, the regime of North Korea forced Japan to rearm its army heavily, even possible and rapid production of nuclear arms. I do not think that China wants that situation. Neither Russia wants that situation.


The menace of North Korea is real. It wants to unify by force Korea and come to South Korea to confiscate all the wealth of South Korea, which was made with a lot of people's sacrifice. It thinks it will be more economic to annex rich South Korea in its regime, instead of working hard to build a durable economy. The entire people are suffering from hunger and submitted to severe dictatorship in North Korea. More than 15 000 north Koreans left North Korea and live in South Korea. The regime of North Korea fell again in the category of "Etat Voyou"


There is a possible explanation for this. While South Korea opened its door to the world economy and evolved in the global change, the regime of Kim Jong-Il remained for long time in "ermite" state by refusing looking at rapid change occurring in China and fall of Berlin Wall . Its isolation was accentuated by its retrograded communist ideology and under development, otherwise abject extreme poverty. However, this explanation is a theatrical rhetoric and will serve nothing in the actual dangerous situation.


The urgent question is how we can stop immediately North Korean escalating to war.


Although USA are tied in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US army chiefs are declaring they are ready to fight, Russian and Chinese chancelleries are asking again explanation to the ambassadors of North Korea. They will cry again by saying USA, JAPAN and South Korea will attack North Korea. This song is well known. Meantime, the North Korean ships, aircraft's and tanks are charging their batteries in direction to South Korea and Japan.


The decision of LMB Government for its participation in the PSI (Nuclear Proliferation Security Initiative) is a right decision in terms of legitimate self-defence, because 3 resolutions of UN Security Council in 3 deferent periods against the missile test of North Korea did not serve anything.

There are four recommendations in order:


1) It is urgent for the LMB Government to declare the state of urgency for the legitimate defence of South Korea. This declaration should be limited to a defensive and safeguarding nature for securing South Korean civilians.


2) The United Nations should send immediately a special commission to the Demilitarised Zone of Korea in order to check the military concentration of North Korean forces in southern part of North Korea and envisage preventive military measures in South Korea.

3) It should be advisable that many countries join urgently PSI (Security Initiative against Nuclear proliferation) in order to show the free nations would not let North Korea to have a chance to occupy Seoul for the second time. On the other hand, PSI is in conformity with the regional arrangement for the peace keeping of the United Nations.


4) The National Assembly of South Korea should meet urgently
to vote a motion to give the LMB Government to have a special spending in military defensive means.


Many South Korean people aged less 60, born after 1953 in South Korea, can not realise how much their parents suffered from the invasion of North Korean regime ( 1950-1953).

My family was escaped from North  Korea in 1948 when I was 11 years old. But two years later, the North Korean communists catched us again in South Korea and tried to kill my family which had not enough time to be settled down in South Korea. But we have escaped from them. That is why, I try to wake up the people of South Korea against the propaganda of North regime. The four measures are certainly not against poor North Koreans, but preventive actions against the irresponsible regime of North Korea.


This is not the opinion of the French Association for the United Nations and UNESCO but only this of the author.

Tae-Ho YOO*
Member, French Association for the United Nations
1, Avenue de Tourville, 75007 Paris France
Honorary UNESCO Regional Adviser of Social and Human Sciences for Asia and the Pacific, 7 Place de Fontenoy, 75007 Paris France

*Author of the Korean War and the United Nations, Louvain
University, 1965;
Author of 8th UN Secretary-General / Process of Selection,
Keimyung University, South Korea, 2008.