International Development Network (idnetwork)

1) International Development Network (idnetwork) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in relations with the United Nations. The acronym idnetwork will be used to refer to the International Development Network;


2) idnetwork is aiming at supporting the United Nations in the fields of peace, international development and human rights;


3) idnetwork participates in the UN and UNESCO’s work, inter alia, the following activities:


 a) Promotion of Education for International Peace,

 b) strengthening of human rights by tolerance and


 c) reduction of absolute poverty through International partnership

      and direct assistance to NGOs operating in the agricultural field,

d) develop and preserve intangible cultural heritage in

      developing a network of cultural festivals and cultural tourism,


4) idenetwork collaborates with other NGOs in relations with the United Nations;


5) idnetwork meets in General Assembly once a year to approve the annual program and budget; In some case, the General Assembly will be met  on line;


6) idnetwork is composed of:

a) Honorary Presidents who are international personalities or individuals who make significant contributions to the activities of idenetwork.

b) a president who has had experience of the UN for a minimum of 15 years and has overall responsibility for idnetwork,

c) a vice-president who is active in the six areas mentioned in Article 3 /d) and mobilizes actors in the cultural programs idnetwork,

d) an executive director who has had experience in the UN of a minimum of 10 years and assists the President in developing and implementing the work plan idnetwork,

e) a financial adviser with at least ten years experience in project funding, prepare the budget, evaluate the implementation of programs of idnetwork and assists the president and honorary

f) active members who have expertise in one of six programs of idnetwork and wish to contribute as volunteer to the objectives of idnetwork;

g) associate members who participate in activities idnetwork for a ponctual activity;


7) idnetwork has a Board of Directors for a period of three years and consists of:

 a) Honorary Presidents

 b) President,

 c) Vice-President,

d) Executive Director,

e) Financial advisor;


8) the decision of the Board takes place by consensus, often with skype conference system;


9) financing activities idnetwork is provided by:

a) membership fees : 35 euros per year,

b) public and private donations, product publishing, editing dvds, Revenue of advise to SMEs under the "compact" United Nations, selling tickets to cultural events;


10) the fees payable to active members of idnetwork are limited to their travel expenses, telephone and representation expenses, idnetwork being devoted primarily to the actions of idnetworkprogram;


11) any system of communication between members, with partners and towards the outside world is done through Internet;


12) any method of operation that is not listed herein shall be indicated by internal administrative circular.


13) The address of idnetwork is:


Idnetwork, Po Box 62, 15, Porte de Cheval Bayart, 08120 Bogny sur Meuse, France

Tel: 33 (0) 324333267