Pyeongchang Olympic 9 to 25 February 2018 by ICO

Youth Center of IDNETWORK

International Committee Olympic

ICO will organise   international Olympic Games in Pyeongchang and Kangneung from 9 February to  25 February 2018. Dr Tae-Ho Yoo, President of International Development (idnetwork)  is to collaborate

with the Council of kangneung City, for promoting the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, DANO,  and the development of `Kangneung City.  His main activities will be  to facilitating the participation of young people ( age of 18 to 24 ) as supporters of their  athletes in PyeongChang  Olympic Games and inviting  the  business men from  ten  Member States to participate in these games and  discussing with them the future  investment projects in Kangneung city and its  region. The artists of DANO are planning to perform the spectacles of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage to visitos,particularly to  youth and  Dr Yoo is also planning to organise a seminar  on DANO with  the members of Committee DANO.



 PYENGCHANG Olympic Game (9-25 February 2018)


A. Basic Information Sheet to fill- up the form of Application for youth

(18-24 years old)                                 


Question1:   Which competitions the organiser recommend?

Reply 1 (Organiser)


                               List des tickets for 6 games



    Date      time       type of games     sexes   game/place tariff (Euro)  

                                                                                                                       09/02 10.00 12.30    Ski Acrob.         H/F    Pheonix          68,00            


    10/02  20.15-21,35  Biathlon            F        Alpensia          29,00            

    11/02 16,40-19,00     Hockey          F    Kwangdong          29,00            


    12/02   10,15-15,25    Ski Alpin       F       Yongpyong       68,00                 

    13/02   19,00-21,30   Short Track     H/F   Ice arena        155,00             

     14/02    21,10-23,30   Hockey        H       Kwangdong      68,00                 

     15/02    11,00-13,10     ski alpin     H        Jeongseo        68,00


     16/02     9,00-20,00    Visit of  Seoul or Gangneung        50,00


      17/02  16,40-19,00      Hockey        H      Gangneung     68,00


     18/02  20,15-21,15    Biathlon        H      Alpensia             29,00  


     19/02    20,00-22,00 Hockey  Couple      H.Center           68,00



      Total :                                                                             700,00 


  The recommendation is done in function of diversity of games,

 equilibration of sexes and financial constraint of youth. Short Track

 is interesting to see, but pocket money of youth should be also secured.  

The total amount of tickets is 700,00 Euro, which is minimum required.



Question 2:  How much is the return air fare?


Reply 2(organiser) : About 800,00 Euro from Charles de Gaule to Korea.

The organiser looks at  not only non- stop Korean air lines but also  other Chinese and Emirates airlines respectively with one stop in  Shanghai and Dubaï, which allow passengers short visit  to their city. Choice of an airline depends on security and price.  Soon,  the name of air line  will be informed.


Question 3:  Which dates of departure from Charles de Gaule and dates

                       of return from Korea to Charles de Gaule

Reply (organiser): Go: 7 February 2018 arriving in 8 February 2018

                              Come back: 20 February 2018 arriving in same day.


Question 4:  How much costs the card of train KTX?

Reply (organiser):  The participant  can buy one-week card at Inchon

 Air Port or KTX station and card can be renewed. The price of card

 costs maximum 100 Euro per week, special price during  Olympic Game.


Question 5: how much costs the hotel fees for 11 nights?

Reply (organiser): The participants share rooms to lower the room


The hotel charge will be 40 EURO/ per person and per night.

11 nights charge will be 440 Euro.

The hotels will be located in Seoul, capital of Korea,  As you see the plan of games, the participant sees only one game per day. As the average duration of game is 2 hours and half, participant should use the rest of  time for visiting unesco cultural heritages  in Seoul.


Question 6: How much the participant needs for foods and cafe per day.

Reply (organiser): In Korea the participant can find so many eating places with small price.40 Euro per day will be enough.  For 12 days in Korea you need 480 Euro. 


Question 7: How much would be the total cost?

Reply (Organiser): It will be 2520 Euro.


Colletive payment  transfer to organiser :  700 Euro for game tickets ( 700Euro), Air Ticket ( 800 Euro) and Hotel ( 440 Euro);

Food  ( 480 Euro) and Train card (100 Euro for 5 days) will remain in the pocket of participant) 


B.  Please send your email  address imediately.  Google form will be sent to you for finalising your inscripion.



Final stage of your application will be  notified to you in order that you can pay 1940  Euro to IBAN of KEB Hana Bank.After your transfer of

this amount is confirmed by bank, on your behalf, we will receive your air tickets, tickets of  game entrance in Pyoenchang and Gangneung. the confirmation of hotel reservation in Seoul. Other complementary  information to facilitate your journey to Korea will be provided to you


 Last advice:  So many requests  already  came, I advise you to hurry your inscription  in the list of  participation.  The deadline is  25 January 2018.



International  development network ( idnetwork)