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The mundialization of home in the age of globalization; towards a transcultural ethics.

Cha InSuk (Philosophy in international context; v.6) 

LIT Verlag, ©2012 100 p. $29.95 HM841


Cha (emeritus, philosophy education for democracy, Seoul National U., South Korea) uses the phrase<mundialization of home> to describe the process by which one's home-world has absorbed and adapted viewpoints of the broader world into their own. In 11 essays, he shows how, through shared transcultural elements, the values and theories associated with 17th-century Anglo/European philosophers can and do resonate in virtually all societies. His themes are mundialization towards the great community, hermeneutics and subjectivity, and renascent liberalism in the global age. He has not indexed the collection. Distributed in the US by ISBS. (Annotation ©2012 Book News Inc. Por





 Comment of International Development Network



From the angle of development which covers not only economic development, but also social, cultural, technological development and their transformations, the contribution of Philosopher, Dr Cha Insuk, to understanding the mundialization and its transformation is a tremendous

help  for the researchers and the agents of development in their assessment of the development policies and adjustment, if they achieve a men centered development in the world.

Dr Cha Insuk  has been  not only thinker, but also worked as the Secretary-General of National Commission of Korea for UNESCO.


The collaboration of Dr. Cha Insuk with Tae-Ho YOO was very important in the domain of culture and development.

1 December 2014


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