Youth Center  ICO 2018

International Committee Olympic ( ico)

ICO will organise   international Olympic Games in Pyeongchang and Kangneung from 9 February to  25 February 2018. Tae-Ho Yoo, President of International Development (idnetwork)  is to be appointed by the Council of kangneung City, as Ambassador of  Promoting the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, DANO,  and the development of `Kangneung City.  His main activities will be  to facilitating the participation of young people ( age of 18 to 24 ) as supporters of their  athletes in PyeongChang  Olympic Games and inviting  the  business men from  ten  Member States to participate in these games and  discussing with them the future  investment projects in Kangneung city and its  region. The theatre of DANO will perform the spectacles of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and  Ambassador Yoo will organise the seminars  on DANO with  the members of Committee DANO.